Power your SMS sales with conversational AI

Drive sales, customer loyalty, and delight with Wizard's AI-powered SMS solution

100,000+ consumers use Wizard to shop their favorite brands

Powering every step of the shopping experience — all via text

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Increase conversion
with text-to-buy technology

Wizard lets your customers browse, discover and pay through a single text conversation — the shortest path to purchase they will ever experience.

Engage your community
in two-way conversations

With Wizard, your customers can have personal, real-time interactions that drive loyalty and build trust in your brand.

Drive retention
with AI-powered personalization

Create a magical shopping experience with AI-powered personalization, timely reorder prompts, and live support from brand experts.

Ready to see how conversational AI can drive sales for your brand?

Hear it from our partners

Wizard gives our
customers even more
access to the brand. It’s so rewarding to meet them ‘where they are’ by text.

Carly Castillo

Under Luna CEO & Founder
A woman with large hair holding a bottle of shampooA woman with large hair holding a bottle of shampoo

Partnering with Wizard allows us to build relationships, not just transactions.

Alice Peterson

CEO Pinhook
Three bottles of Pinhook whiskey lined up in a rowThree bottles of Pinhook whiskey lined up in a row

Wizard helps us use SMS to engage, educate, survey, and build our community. Not just to sell.

Charlotte Moogan

Director of E-commerce at AAVRANI
A woman posing with AAVRANI skincare productA woman posing with a bottle of AAVRANI skincare product

With Wizard we’re driving repeat purchases and increasing customer retention, which is huge for Fig.1.

Diana Markman

Fig.1 Beauty General Manager
A bag of Fig. 1 branded skincare productsA bag of Fig. 1 branded skincare products

SMS used to be a touch point. Now it’s a way to elevate the customer experience and build a community.”

Casey Sabol

A woman and dog wearing matching raincoats outdoorsA woman and dog wearing matching raincoats outdoors

How we’re different from SMS marketing platforms

SMS marketing

One-text transactions that increase mobile conversion
One seamless experience across the
entire customer journey
Disjointed customer experience across
digital touchpoints
Traditional ecommerce transactions that
increase attrition
Two-way, customer-driven text
conversational SMS
One-way, batch and blast
spammy texts
One-way, batch and blast spammy texts
Built on AI, allowing for a sophisticated
and customized consumer
Our AI learns from customer conversations to deliver hyper-personalized interactions at scale
Built on traditional segmentation,
resulting in poor personalization
Traditional segmentation using preferences, and purchase history alone, so messages aren't well personalized.
White glove service from two-way SMS
experts. We craft conversations that take
your customers from hi to buy 
White glove service from two-way SMS experts. We craft conversations and campaigns to take customers from hi to buy.
Ideate and build your own conversation flows. Your customers are left hanging, too.
Heavy lift on your team to identify areas of
opportunity and build your own
conversational flows
Customers get a response in minutes,
not days
Customers get a response
in minutes, not days.
Customers might never get a response
Customers might never get a response.

We're moving the needle for innovative brands

Product shot of Chido hard seltzers in a cooler

Texting for tequila: How two-way text commerce boosts sales and engagement for Chido

Find out how Chido’s personalized approach to SMS Marketing improved the customer experience and increased sales.
A woman posing with a bottle of AAVRANI skincare product
Skincare & Beauty

How Aavrani achieved a 23% increase in GMV after switching to Wizard

The skincare brand left their previous SMS provider when they learned Wizard could help them connect subscribers with skincare experts and allow them to transact in-text. The results speak for themselves.
Product shot of a pinhook whiskey bottle

Meet the whiskey brand driving a 69% repeat purchase rate with Wizard

Pinhook was looking for a way to extend their brand reach, interact with their customers, and build a following for their limited vintage releases.
A woman holding her dog in front of a sunny window
Pet Products

How MYOS Pet Increased their Average Order Value by 23% with Wizard

Learn how MYOS Pet uses conversational commerce to drive revenue, increase basket size, and engage and retain more pet owners with minimal investment of time and resources.
A woman eating olives
Specialty Foods

How Freestyle Snacks increased their repeat purchase rate by 50% with Wizard

Freestyle Snacks wanted to build a community of lifetime olive enthusiasts. Learn how they’re using conversational commerce to bring their vision to reality.

Easy Integration

A new sales channel that plugs directly into your tech stack.

Press and accolades

“The future of commerce will be more conversational and personalized”

“Wizard named to The Lead’s Leading 100 List as an innovative tech start-up driving the future of brand-to-consumer”

“A clearer path to purchase.”

“Wizard offers consumers a full-service, personalized shopping experience from the palm of their hand.”

"Wizard CEO Melissa Bridgeford named one of Inc's 2022 Female Founders 100"

“A new paradigm of shopping and a true mobile-first solution.”

“The appetite for a new level of convenience is growing among consumers”

“A Wizard text experience that makes shopping feel like magic.”

“Where messaging meets shopping.”

“[Wizard] will revolutionize mobile shopping.”

“The time is right for American consumers to try this new approach to shopping.”

“A combination of automation and human touch…that’s where the Holy Grail is.”

“Conversational commerce is really about eliminating the friction of payments.”