Experience the magic of conversational commerce

Meet your customers in the moments that matter most
and optimize their path to purchase — all via text.
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Watch your sales soar
with Wizard

Wizard powers every step of the shopping experience - from product discovery and payments, to marketing campaigns and customer service - all via conversational AI.
A product shot of Fig. 1 skincare product


of Fig.1’s Shopify sales
were done via text
during the campaign
A product shot of Fig. 1 skincare product


of Fig.1’s Shopify sales
were done via text
during the campaign

“Wizard gives us a way to form a special relationship with our customers post-sale. Being able to test & deliver unique offers, pro-tips, and VIP access to new innovation has helped us build a cohort of super engaged customers.”

- Diana Markman, Fig.1 Beauty General Manager
A dog in a field posing next to a container of MYOS pet supplement


increase in AOV
A dog in a field posing next to a container of MYOS pet supplement


increase in AOV

“Now customers have a quick, easy way to shop for what they want, how they want, and get on with their day.”

- Casey Sabol, MYOS Pet CMO
A product shot of Pinhook whiskey


repeat purchase rate
A product shot of Pinhook whiskey


repeat purchase rate

“We see this functionality as a source of flexibility, particularly in a category limited by regulations and, ultimately, as a brand differentiator for us.”

- Alice Peterson, Pinhook CEO

Elevate your eCommerce
strategy with conversational AI

Customer Service

Build 1:1 human interaction with two-way conversations delivered in your distinct brand voice.


Drive purchases directly in the SMS thread, eliminating the friction of browsers and checkout.

Marketing Campaigns

Send hyper-targeted campaigns based on evolving customer behavior and engage to drive conversion.

Performance Tracking

Track performance using comprehensive data and analytics to make campaigns better over time.

How we’re different from SMS marketing platforms

SMS marketing

One-text transactions that increase mobile conversion
One seamless experience across the
entire customer journey
Disjointed customer experience across
digital touchpoints
Traditional ecommerce transactions that
increase attrition
Two-way, customer-driven text
conversational SMS
One-way, batch and blast
spammy texts
One-way, batch and blast spammy texts
Built on AI, allowing for a sophisticated
and customized consumer
Our AI learns from customer conversations to deliver hyper-personalized interactions at scale
Built on traditional segmentation,
resulting in poor personalization
Traditional segmentation using preferences, and purchase history alone, so messages aren't well personalized.
White glove service from two-way SMS
experts. We craft conversations that take
your customers from hi to buy 
White glove service from two-way SMS experts. We craft conversations and campaigns to take customers from hi to buy.
Ideate and build your own conversation flows. Your customers are left hanging, too.
Heavy lift on your team to identify areas of
opportunity and build your own
conversational flows
Customers get a response in minutes,
not days
Customers get a response
in minutes, not days.
Customers might never get a response
Customers might never get a response.

How we compare

Easy integration with Shopify, Stripe and more

A new sales channel that plugs directly into the tools you already use.


Questions & answers

What is Wizard, and how can it benefit my business?

Wizard is an innovative AI-powered, all-in-one SMS marketing alternative that helps brands engage, delight, and convert shoppers through personalized, two-way text conversations. By partnering with Wizard, brands can drive authentic customer interactions, resulting in stronger connections and better outcomes.

What metrics and goals can a conversational commerce platform, like Wizard, help my brand achieve?

Wizard eliminates the friction of shopping on mobile so that brands can increase engagement, conversions, repeat purchases, retention, and customer lifetime value. Brands also use the conversational data that Wizard generates to produce personalized product recommendations and outreach campaigns that drive revenue through SMS. 

How does Wizard stand out from SMS marketing solutions?

Wizard distinguishes itself by using AI to create hyper-personalized and engaging interactions so that brands like yours can make their SMS channels a vehicle for loyalty and a direct source of revenue. Wizard's AI-centric foundation — paired with human expert agents — ensures a seamless and highly effective customer experience.

How do Wizard’s results compare to traditional SMS marketing?

While SMS marketing platforms deliver high impact out of the gate, we repeatedly hear that the value diminishes over time. In contrast, Wizard’s AI models ingest data from every interaction to continuously drive revenue  and create a better consumer experience.

What does Wizard's white glove service entail?

We work closely with E-commerce brands to create custom, conversational SMS campaigns that are worthy of your brand and resonate with your customers. We offer personalized support and guidance. Wizard is an extension of your marketing team and our US-based CX experts are there to engage, support, and delight your customers at every touchpoint. 

Is Wizard a good fit for businesses of all sizes?

Yes! Wizard is scalable and adaptable, making it suitable for E-commerce businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small business exploring SMS marketing, or a large enterprise looking to enhance your marketing approach, Wizard can help you reach your revenue goals.

Why should I choose Wizard over other platforms that incorporate AI?

Wizard's platform is built on AI from the ground up, allowing for a more sophisticated and customized conversational experience. While other platforms may include AI elements, Wizard's core emphasis on conversational AI technology ensures a seamless and highly engaging customer journey that drives results.

What makes Wizard different from other managed service providers?

Wizard proactively collaborates with you on your SMS marketing campaigns. Our team helps develop tailored strategies, craft engaging content, and optimize campaigns for maximum impact. This unmatched level of involvement and collaboration ensures your marketing efforts align with your business goals and produces tangible results.

How does Wizard support businesses new to SMS marketing?

Wizard's hands-on approach and user-friendly platform are designed to be accessible to businesses new to SMS marketing. Our white glove service offers close collaboration on campaign development, strategic  brainstorming, and ongoing guidance and support, ensuring a smooth and straightforward transition to SMS that empowers your business to thrive.

How does Wizard help brands juggle SMS among other marketing priorities?

Wizard's white glove service acts as an extension of your marketing team. We manage and optimize your SMS campaigns so your team can concentrate on other priorities while feeling secure that SMS is performing. 

How does Wizard handle data ownership and privacy?

At Wizard, we believe that data ownership is crucial for E-commerce businesses. Unlike some competitors, we ensure that the data generated through our platform remains entirely yours. This key differentiator allows you to maintain control over your customer information and use it to make informed decisions about your macro marketing strategy.

How does Wizard address the challenges of revenue attribution in SMS marketing?

By leveraging more accurate attribution windows, Wizard is committed to providing transparent and reliable reporting. This allows you to understand the true impact of your SMS channel, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your marketing efforts. We’re able to attribute direct revenue from in-text transactions, as well as website revenue from SMS campaigns.

Why is Wizard the best option for smaller brands?

Wizard is dedicated to providing exceptional value and service to businesses of all sizes. For smaller E-commerce brands, we offer competitive pricing and white-glove support to ensure you get the attention and guidance needed to succeed at SMS. This approach sets us apart from competitors that may charge more while offering limited and unreliable support.