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Texting for tequila: How two-way text commerce boosts sales and engagement for Chido


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Chido is disrupting a stale industry with an approach to ready-to-drink cocktails as refreshing as their tequila-based beverages. They use premium ingredients and all-natural flavors, and their brand is bold and rough around the edges. Chido’s authentic, relatable approach resonates with consumers weary of monotonous RTD brands.

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A community-driven brand, Chido wanted to take a more personalized approach to SMS. They were eager to build real connections and engage with subscribers rather than drive their most loyal customers away with one-way text marketing. 

In addition to their canned cocktails, Chido has an apparel line that they wanted to promote separately, not just as an add-on to their core business. They knew that with the right platform, a text channel would be a great opportunity to build awareness and excitement, and drive sales.


Wizard’s personalized, conversational text platform was a natural fit for Chido’s down-to-earth, authentic brand appeal, and it rounded out their omni-channel marketing strategy. Having two-way text conversations with their customers has helped humanize Chido even more, and allowed them to engage an energetic audience hungry for 1:1 interaction and VIP treatment.

And the ability to purchase their products via text has been a game changer. They’ve given their customers a full-service shopping experience–complete with live, human support and one-click checkouts—entirely over SMS.

Chido's highest revenue campaign

Chido high revenue text campaign conversation


It only took a few months for Chido to reap the benefits of two-way conversations with customers via text. 19% of Chido’s sales come from their SMS channel, and 44% of all sales are attributed to Wizard.

We love working with Wizard. They’re always on top of their shit and they just get us.
- Catherine Kiene, Chido Social and Digital Director

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