Nail your next product launch with these 6 SMS templates


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Releasing a new product is exciting for every brand. And let’s face it, a killer omnichannel marketing plan can make or break its success. With consumers engaging with SMS faster than any other marketing channel, it lets marketers instantly connect with their most loyal shoppers to build excitement and awareness around a new product, and drive sales. Here are 6 templates our merchants have used to engage customers, attract new ones, and create urgency.

Sneak peek/teaser

Drum up excitement and anticipation for your new product with a pre-launch teaser text. Better yet, turn it into an interactive campaign to build even more hype and drive engagement.

Bakesale pre-launch teaser text to customer

Early access

Giving your text subscribers first dibs on your new product is a great way to deliver on the value you promised them when they subscribed, and reward them for their loyalty.

Freestyle Snacks early access text to customer

And be sure to follow up with an early access reminder text.

Fig. 1 reminder text to customer

Text-exclusive discount

Your text subscribers are your most loyal customers, so consider giving them an exclusive discount on your new item. Keeping the promo tied specifically to your text channel will encourage your customers to subscribe, and keep your subscribers engaged and happy.

Fig. 1 exclusive discount text

Limited edition drop

Let your text channel find out about limited edition drops first, before they’re released online or anywhere else. Pinhook, a bourbon and rye brand known for their annual vintages, uses their text channel to drop their coveted limited edition bottles, and some are exclusively available for purchase via text. Their vintages usually sell out within minutes of alerting their subscribers.

Pinhook whiskey limited edition text

Interactive vote

People like to be part of something. Show your most loyal shoppers you value their opinion, and let them be a part of your brand journey. When our merchant, Raize, releases a new cookie flavor, they let their customers vote for it first. Campaigns like these generate high response rates, and drive engagement and sales.

Raize cookies interactive vote text

Customer segmentation

Segment your customers who bought something similar to your new product in the past. Offering relevant recommendations based on a customer’s past purchases will help you build trust and drive ltv.

UnderLuna segmented text


Lucky for you, we’ve taken the guesswork out of crafting quippy campaigns from scratch. Here’s some copy to get your product launch texts going.

Sneak peek/teaser

Hey VIP! We’ve been working on something exciting, and we need your help.

Early access

You’ve unlocked early access to our [product] — a [day/week] before anyone else. It’s [price], reply YES to buy now! 

Don’t forget! Enjoy [%] off our [product] (price) when you buy early access. Offer ends at [date and time]. 

Reply YES to buy!

Text-exclusive discount

A special offer just for you, VIP! Enjoy 25% off when you purchase our [product] [date] only. 

Reply YES to buy now!

Limited edition drop

Be the first to get your hands on our [product]. Grab one before they’re gone. 

Reply YES to buy now!

Interactive vote

We need your help with [info about new product]. Reply with which [color/flavor, etc] you want to see! Voting ends [date] at [time]. 

Here are the options:

Customer segmentation

We know you love our [product], and we’re excited to announce [new product and description]. 

Reply YES to place an order for [new product/price] now!

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