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Your subscriber list is the heart of your text program. But without a solid audience, even the most creative campaigns won’t convert. Growing a loyal and engaged list means striking a balance between increasing opt-ins and providing your subscribers with the ongoing value you promised to deliver in exchange for their participation. If you’re not sure how to keep your opt-ins subscribed and engaged, we’re here to help you give them the VIP experience they signed up for.

Text-exclusive discounts

Offering exclusive deals gives consumers a reason to opt in to your text channel—who doesn’t love a discount? Just don’t forget about customers who’ve already subscribed to your text program, and even purchased from you before. A lot of brands end up alienating loyal customers by offering discounts to first-time shoppers instead. But offering continued value and incentives in return for their participation and loyalty is important.

Give your SMS subscribers exclusive deals they won’t find anywhere else—not on your website or even your email list. Keeping these deals tied specifically to your text channel will encourage your customers to subscribe.

MYOS Pet worked with Wizard to create an interactive campaign that included an exclusive discount for their text community. And when they announced the winner in a follow-up campaign, they surprised participants with an exclusive 50% off promotion. The successful campaign had a 27% response rate and a 222% increase in text sales, and MYOS got 500+ photos of pups and product testimonials.

Pet brand SMS-exclusive discount campaign

New product launches and sneak peeks

The only thing more exciting than your favorite brand launching a new product is being one of the first to know. VIP treatment is one of the main reasons customers are willing to let brands they like into their phones, so making them feel special is crucial.

Skin care product launch text announcement

SMS is the most immediate and effective way for brands to let customers know about an upcoming product launch. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your most loyal shoppers a sneak peek to build excitement before the release date. Texts like these may even encourage customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while to come back and see what’s new.

Limited edition releases

Another way to show your text subscribers appreciation for their loyalty is making sure they find out about limited edition products first, before they’re released online or anywhere else. Take Pinhook, a bourbon and rye brand known for their annual vintages. They use their text channel to drop their coveted limited edition bottles, and some are exclusively available for purchase via text. 

Pinhook loyalists are well aware that it pays to subscribe to their text channel—the vintages are available in limited quantities, and they usually sell out within minutes of alerting their subscribers.

Alcohol brand limited edition drop via SMS

Interactive campaigns

Everyone likes to give feedback. It makes consumers feel important and heard, and like their opinion matters. Interactive campaigns are a great way to draw consumers into your brand and make them feel like they’re shaping outcomes. Plus, you’ll get firsthand insights while also engaging customers and turning them into brand loyalists over time. 

Wizard’s conversational text platform gives brands a unique way to get customers involved and build loyalty. When Freestyle Snacks wanted to build excitement around a new product launch, they asked their subscribers to vote on the package design. The interactive campaign inspired an overwhelming response, drove sales, and fueled a community who feel valued and connected to the brand. They even gave their VIP text community early access to the new product they teased, which further reinforced loyalty and increased sales.

Snack brand interactive campaign

Two-way live expert support

At Wizard, we help our merchants use the power of real-time, two-way conversations to get to know their customers better and support them throughout their journey. Customers have a personal shopper in their pocket, on call to answer questions and provide expert guidance. In fact, two-way conversations within Wizard have a 21% conversion rate. 

Here’s a conversation that happened in AAVRANI’s text channel where a customer and agent built a cart together, but the customer still had concerns. It took an extra assurance to get her to convert, and without the hands-on support, she may have just abandoned her cart rather than complete the purchase.

Skin care 2-way SMS conversation

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