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How MYOS Pet Increased their Average Order Value by 23% with Wizard


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Learn how MYOS Pet uses conversational commerce to drive revenue, increase basket size, and engage and retain more pet owners with minimal investment of time and resources.

About MYOS Pet

Pet owners are among the most avid consumers–especially after spending more time at home during the pandemic. In addition to the initial costs for adoption, recurring purchases of toys, treats, and treatments mean serious revenue for players in the pet products industry.

Consumers who want to help their dogs live longer, stronger, and happier lives turn to MYOS Pet. A standout in the canine supplements space, their groundbreaking products are powered by Fortetropin® and clinically proven to build muscle for better mobility and vitality.

MYOS Pet's SMS channel stats


MYOS Pet was looking for a better way to connect with consumers by text. Their existing SMS platform was attributing revenue to outbound marketing campaigns, but incoming texts from customers were going unanswered.

Because the team didn’t have the resources to keep up with constant incoming messages, they needed a way to drive sales via text and provide an exceptional experience for their pup-loving customers.

I’d go in and see that we hadn’t responded to subscribers. It wasn’t the kind of customer experience we strive for at MYOS. That’s why we switched to Wizard.
- Casey Sabol, MYOS Pet CMO


The canine supplement innovator partnered with Wizard to launch MYOS Fetch, a full-service SMS concierge for all things MYOS Pet. MYOS Fetch engages and educates subscribers, increases customer loyalty, and continuously drives sales.

Automation means customers get instant responses to common requests. And with reorder and abandoned cart prompts, MYOS Fetch allows for fast, frictionless shopping. As an added touch, automated conversation flows include each customer’s pet’s name and other details, making the whole experience feel human.

But spontaneous human interactions are core to the MYOS Fetch shopping experience. Wizard’s platform combines automation with customer support agents in the loop, which means customers don’t have to ask for an agent or make a call to resolve complex requests.

MYOS Pet SMS conversation
1:1 SMS conversations in real time make MYOS Fetch feel like magic for consumers.

Tapping into their powerful community, MYOS Pet encourages subscribers to submit photos of their dogs via text and then features one pet each month. It’s a way to delight customers with cute photos and share testimonials that educate subscribers on the benefits of MYOS’ supplements.

MYOS Pet of the Month SMS campaign
32.5% increase in Shopify revenue

MYOS Pet also uses their interactive text channel to run surveys that help them better serve their customers. The surveys not only yield valuable consumer insights and allow for better-targeted segmentation, they also drive impressive sales by staying top of mind.


It didn’t take long for MYOS to see the payoff from nurturing their customers with SMS conversations. In just one month, they saw a 33x return on their investment. With subscribers getting a response from MYOS in a median 15 seconds, 58% are actively engaging. The result is an increase in Average Order Value (AOV) with Wizard that's 23% higher than their e-commerce website.

Now we’re giving customers options. They have a quick, easy way to shop for what they want, how they want, and get on with their day.
- Casey Sabol, MYOS Pet CMO

Not only does Wizard take place entirely over SMS—which reduces the immediate friction of having to create an account or download an app—it safely secures customer payment information so they’ll be ready to purchase the moment their cart is full.

Our platform lets customers skip the web entirely and shop, discover new products, and checkout, all via text. All it takes to complete a purchase is a “YES.”

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