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How Freestyle Snacks increased their repeat purchase rate by 50% with Wizard


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Freestyle Snacks wanted to build a community of lifetime olive enthusiasts. Learn how they’re using conversational commerce to bring their vision to reality.

Freestyle Snacks SMS channel stats

Olives reimagined

When Freestyle Snacks founder and CEO Nikki Seaman saw an opportunity to improve one of her favorite snacks, she seized it. With an impressive background in food and beverage, and a deep understanding of consumers’ preferences for health and convenience, she knew there was an opportunity to innovate in an untapped market. 

Her premium, snackable olives meet the needs of the modern consumer with healthy ingredients and without the mess. The savory snacks come in eye-catching, liquid-free packaging that’s convenient enough to enjoy anywhere. Within a few months of launching Freestyle Snacks, Nikki secured deals with grocery stores across the country—like Erewhon and Fresh Thyme Market—and used social media to turn the brand into a lifestyle.


A newcomer to the snack market, Freestyle Snacks needed to generate awareness and grow a new business. Nikki knew text could be a powerful way to connect with consumers, but she was wary of SMS marketing platforms because of their spammy reputation. 

Nikki jumped at the chance to partner with Wizard and stay true to her brand, elevate the customer experience, and build a community of engaged olive lovers.

I didn’t want to just text out links to our website. I wanted a more engaging, lower friction option.
- Founder and CEO Nikki Seaman


Freestyle Snacks partnered with Wizard to launch a full-service SMS concierge that engages subscribers and continuously drives sales. By leaning into the channel’s conversational capabilities, they’ve built a loyal community of highly-engaged customers. Thanks to Wizard’s customizable dialogue flows, their text channel is an extension of their brand’s playful vibe that helps customers connect more meaningfully with the brand.

Wizard’s SMS platform gives Freestyle Snacks a unique way to build loyalty. Their text survey campaigns inspire overwhelming responses, drive sales, and fuel a community who feel valued and connected to the brand.

Freestyle Snacks interactive SMS campaign


The ability to have two-way conversations and let customers check out entirely via text gave Freestyle Snacks a way to grow and engage a loyal community and increase sales. Just six months after they partnered with Wizard, Freestyle Snacks saw a 4x increase in subscribers. And their repeat purchase rate with Wizard is 50% higher than their e-commerce website.

The team at Wizard takes a refreshing approach to text. They provide hands-on support and leverage insights across their customer base to help you create the best possible campaigns
- Founder and CEO Nikki Seaman

  • 50% higher repeat purchase rate than e-comm 
  • 75% of subscribers engage in text conversations
  • +9%: Freestyle’s SMS AOV vs. Freestyle’s e-commerce website AOV
  • 4x: Increase in SMS subscriber base after 6 months

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