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Skincare, simplified

Founded by a team of skin care experts, Fig.1 Beauty’s mission is to make high quality, high performance skincare accessible. They break down the barrier to skin health with a comprehensive line of science-backed skincare products that deliver clinical results at an affordable price, and by offering free access to in-house estheticians. With a focus on minimizing waste, Fig.1’s products are bottled in refillable glass packaging and formulated with clinically proven active ingredients.

It didn’t take long for the hyper-growth skincare brand to become a favorite of tastemakers like Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt. Now, you can find Fig.1 on the shelves of retailers like CVS and Walmart, and in spa and dermatologist offices across the country.


With a growing social media presence and a pulse on the power of influencer marketing, Fig.1 knew SMS had the potential to round out their omni-channel marketing strategy. They wanted to use it to build connections with customers between transactions through post-purchase educational content and product discovery—and help them navigate the minefield modern skin care has become. And with a focus on reducing waste, Fig.1 wanted to make reordering their refill cartridges as simple as their minimalistic approach to skincare.


Wizard’s conversational commerce platform lets Fig.1 customers get their skincare questions answered, receive personalized recommendations, and place orders, all via text. Fig.1 can support customers throughout their entire journey by providing ongoing skincare guidance, including follow-up instructions and tips for getting the most out of their products. 

With reusability a pillar of the Fig.1 brand, Wizard’s full-service text commerce platform is a natural fit for their refillable packaging program. It reduces the immediate friction of having to create an account, download an app, or re-enter payment info by letting customers reorder refill cartridges directly from their texts. And thanks to Wizard’s well-timed reorder prompts, Fig.1 can remind customers to reorder when they’re likely to be running low. Not only has this helped Fig.1 drive an impressive repeat purchase rate, it helps them reduce waste and keep their footprint small.

Wizard gives us a way to form a special relationship with our customers post-sale. Being able to test & deliver unique offers, pro-tips, and VIP access to new innovation has helped us build a cohort of super engaged customers.
- Diana Markman, Fig.1 Beauty General Manager

Campaign highlight

When Fig.1 launched a line of body care products, they gave their subscribers a text-exclusive early access offer. The campaign was a huge success with an AOV exceeding Fig.1’s website AOV by 56%. In fact, 20% of Fig.1’s Shopify sales were in-text transactions during the days the text campaign ran, driving new opt-ins and creating new wallets, too.

  • Campaign in-text AOV exceeded Fig.1’s website AOV by 56%.
  • 20% of Fig.1’s Shopify sales were done via text during the campaign.

With 85% of subscribers actively engaging in text conversations, the brand is connecting with customers on a more personal level. Per their ethos of making healthy skin more attainable, it lets them address each customer’s unique skin needs. Wizard’s full-service platform proved to be uniquely suited for the brand’s refill program, driving a repeat purchase rate of 28% via text. And conversations add up to something big. Since the launch of their Wizard text channel, the channel is driving a 19% increase in purchases on top of their e-commerce site.

  • 85% of users engage in conversation with Fig.1
  • 27% text-to-buy repeat purchase rate
  • 19% increase in # of orders with Wizard

Our hypothesis was that we could drive repeat purchases and increase customer retention through owned channels. Introducing Wizard’s text channel was huge for Fig.1, because we can efficiently encourage customers to opt-in to easy refills, after we spent meaningful time & dollars acquiring them the first time.
- Diana Markman, Fig.1 Beauty General Manager

Skincare consumers want white glove service via text. R U ready?

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