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How AAVRANI achieved a 23% increase in GMV after switching to Wizard


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Rooted in culture

The daughter of Indian immigrants, Rooshy Roy spent much of her life searching for a way to balance her cultural dualities. After the stress of a job in finance—and the modern beauty products she used at the time—wreaked havoc on her skin, she decided to revisit her grandmother’s natural skincare recipes she used as a child. Through the process, Roy improved her skin issues and reconnected with her heritage.

The dualities of being Indian and American ultimately became the inspiration for AAVRANI, which bridges the gap between beauty and wellness by combining ancient Indian wellness rituals with modern science. Roy’s ritualistic, intentional approach to skincare quickly resonated with consumers and made its way onto the shelves of national retailers like Anthropologie.

AAVRANI SMS channel stats


When Roy’s team discovered Wizard’s two-way text platform, there was a collective aha moment. Instead of bombarding subscribers with promo codes and links to the AAVRANI website, they could offer a full-service shopping experience–complete with live, human support–via text. That’s when the AAVRANI digital team ditched their former SMS provider and started building real connections with subscribers, one engaging conversation at a time.

From onboarding, the experience with Wizard was different. They help us use text to engage, educate, survey, and build our community. Not just to sell.
- Charlotte Moogan, Director of E-commerce at AAVRANI

Why Wizard was the better option

Instead of overwhelming customers with text blasts, they began having 1:1 conversations with customers, providing personalized recommendations and expert advice. Wizard’s platform gave AAVRANI subscribers a way to engage with skincare experts and purchase products, all via text.

With Wizard’s text commerce platform comes a dedicated team of customer experience experts. After extensive training on all things AAVRANI, they’re now on call to help customers navigate the world of skincare and get the most out of Roy’s products.

AAVRANI SMS conversation


It didn’t take long for AAVRANI to reap the benefits of supporting customers with two-way conversations. And after six months, they’d achieved up to 37x ROI. AAVRANI also increased Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) by 23% via the channel, which constitutes 12% of all purchases. Each day, AAVRANI has 29 conversations with their customers via text on average.

Letting our customers connect with us on a personal level has proven to be a massive success. It’s validated that switching to Wizard was the right decision.
- Charlotte Moogan, Director of E-commerce at AAVRANI

Skincare consumers want white glove service via text. R U ready?

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