Don't get left in the dust. 8 surefire ways to drive SMS opt-ins.


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Growing a loyal and engaged subscriber list is key to building a successful SMS program—but it starts with knowing how to incentivize shoppers to opt in. With the right marketing assets across the right channels, you’ll be able to increase sign-ups so you can begin growing a subscriber community. And we’ve got you covered—here’s how to market your text channel.

Evergreen assets

Once your text channel is up-and-running, consider these assets “always on” to maximize the share of visitors and followers opting in to your text channel.

Website popup

Your website pop up is where most of your customers will opt in, and it gives you plenty of real estate to explain why they should sign up and how to use the channel. You can use promotional offers, non-promotional offers, or a combination of both.

  1. Promotional offers
  • $ or % off
  • Free shipping
  • Free sample
  • Enter a giveaway
  1. Non-promotional offers
  • Be the “first-to-know”
  • Get exclusive VIP offers
  • Easy reordering and refills
  • White-glove service
Skin care website popup

Website carousel

Although most opt-ins come from homepage pop-ups, some customers will close the window before they have a chance to think about joining. Feature “text us” or “text to buy” in your carousel, header, or footer so the offer sticks with them, without interfering, as they move through your site.

Hair care website carousel

A rotating carousel image gives you a little more room to show customers why they should sign up. And a header means the call to action sticks with them as they browse. Customers expect to find your contact info in your footer, making it a great place to promote your text channel.

Opt-in at web checkout

Don’t miss the opportunity to pick up extra opt-ins when customers are already giving you their digits.

Skin care web checkout opt-in

Wizard landing page

To maximize opt-ins, don’t rely on your website alone. Wizard helps our merchants create a branded landing page so you can promote the channel on social, email, with a QR code on a product or in a physical store, and more. Your landing page gives customers everything they need to know about using your text channel.

Hair care website landing page


Be sure to add the Wizard landing page to your Linktree. That way, it’ll help followers navigate there even if they don’t visit your website.

Energy drink brand's Linktree

Temporary assets

There are two types of temporary assets you’ll want to use to market your text channel: launch assets and campaign assets. Here’s how to drive opt-ins across your marketing channels and get creative with your campaigns.

Email announcements

Don’t forget about your email subscribers—let them know they can now receive texts, and text you, too. Offer a different value prop to your email list to encourage them to sign up for both, like the ease of purchasing on-the-go, or easy reorders.

Hair care brand email announcement

Social posts & stories

A launch is the perfect time to make a post dedicated to your text channel and how it can help your customers. Be sure to make your launch story a highlight for max visibility.

Instagram post of text conversation

Campaign assets

For each of your marketing campaigns, think about how your text channel can get you more traction—including messages that tap into mystery, exclusivity, and high-demand or new products. These campaigns should span all your marketing channels.

Skin care campaign asset

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