Babies, bums, and business: How text is transforming the way parents shop


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Parenthood is challenging, rewarding, and without a doubt, life-changing. And for marketers, parents are a lucrative and unique nut to crack. Among the most active consumers, a majority of the purchases they make aren’t motivated by their own desires or needs. They’re prudent shoppers with trust and safety top of mind, and time is a luxury they no longer enjoy.

AI-powered SMS commerce is uniquely suited to help brands in the baby/kids industry tap into this important target market with a way to make their busy lives easier. Here’s how it helps brand marketers engage, convert, and retain customers.

Analysis paralysis

The minute the internet suspects that a consumer is expecting, they get bombarded with ads for baby carriers, furniture, monitors, and so on. With so many choices comes decision paralysis in the form of overwhelm, avoidance, and indecision—all of which threaten web conversion. 

But brands that build trust by answering the right questions at the right time can win mindshare and loyalty in a crowded market. And AI-powered conversational commerce is particularly well-equipped to help parents narrow their options and make a decision.

Freestyle Diapers text with customer

Parents are on the go

Live chat on websites may be helpful when consumers are sitting at their desks, but parents of young children are almost always on the move. They don’t have time to endlessly scroll through websites or to stay active in a live chat session to wrap up a conversation. 

In fact, new and expectant parents are 2.7% more likely than non-parents to use a smartphone as their primary device. SMS is the best way for brands to connect with parents because the conversation stays with them no matter where they are or who else is commanding their attention.

Friction is a parent’s worst enemy

Each additional click on a website makes it less and less likely that a consumer will convert. But even more so for parents who are juggling kids, jobs, and housekeeping, often on little sleep. They don’t have brainshare for consumer experiences that aren’t inherently easy. And there’s nothing easier than texting YES to make a purchase.

Freestyle diapers reminder text with customer

Young kids are constantly changing

When it comes to small children, everything is temporary. Their tastes, their habits, their sizes, their favorite food—nothing seems to last very long. What parent hasn’t given away unopened diapers or unworn shoes because they no longer fit? 

That’s why real-time, expert guidance is critical for parents. An AI algorithm or your local store manager might know when their kid needs to size up better than they do. And having the right info at the right time can mean the difference between consumer frustration and a repeat purchaser.

Feeling seen and valued by brands is meaningful

Becoming a parent means a complete shift in identity. It can be lonely and isolating—hence the proliferation of parenting Facebook groups and mommy meetups. In fact, 70% of Millennial parents are part of an online group, compared to 53% of non-parents. 

Parents of young children are hungry for community and information. And text-based conversational commerce is a valuable channel in this new paradigm because it’s interactive, hyper-personalized, and convenient.

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