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If you spent last Sunday figuring out how to reset the clock on your microwave, that can only mean one thing—spring is finally upon us and April is around the corner. Here’s some creative inspiration for your text channel in the month ahead.

April Fools’ Day

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your text channel on April Fools' Day. If it feels on brand, a well-played April Fools' joke will get your subscribers engaged and maybe even make them laugh! Have a merchant teasing a new product via their text channel? Follow it up with a little April Fools' Day prank.

Tax Day

Filing taxes is no fun. But savvy brands can spin the dreaded deadline into an accomplishment worth celebrating. Send a light-hearted text to your subscribers, and include an 18% discount to mark the date.

Earth Day

82% of Americans consider a company's environmental record and sustainability when selecting products to purchase. On April 22nd, send subscribers a text showcasing your brand’s sustainable products, practices, or initiatives. Use the opportunity to provide your text subscribers with valuable educational content—no discount needed.

The Masters

A tradition unlike any other, this year’s Masters golf tournament runs from April 6-9. And alcohol brands should seize the opportunity to remind their subscribers to have their favorite spirits on hand for the occasion.

National Pet Day

Although most pet owners don’t let a day go by without celebrating their beloved companions, April 11th is a chance to give them a little extra attention. For brands in the pet space, take advantage of the UGC opportunity this holiday presents. Run an interactive campaign that not only gets your subscribers engaged, but also generates a wealth of zero-party data.

World Health Day

On April 7th, World Health Day highlights a special theme in the wellness and medical world. This year will shine a light on nurses and midwives, the on-the-call, restless workforce that revolutionized the healthcare industry. Consider donating a portion of the day’s proceeds to honor these healthcare heroes, and let your subscribers know the impact their purchase will have.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

We know this one is niche. But if you’re in the snack, specialty foods, or beverage space, don’t miss the chance to celebrate one of America’s most popular sandwiches on April 2nd—and collect some valuable zero-party data while you’re at it. If your merchant doesn’t actually sell peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, suggest pairing your product with one if it’s not a stretch.

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