5 ways conversational SMS marketing is shaking up customer engagement


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It's time to talk about something that’s changing the game of customer engagement: Conversational SMS marketing. First, let's get a handle on what that means. Picture it like a coffee shop chat with your best buddy. It's two-way. It's engaging. It's comfortable. It's relevant. And it's personal. Only instead of sipping lattes, you're swapping texts. Fun, right?

So, let’s dive into the five reasons why this chatty marketing strategy is the future of customer engagement.

1. Everyone's on board

With the mobile phone being a staple accessory for everyone from pre-teens to grandmothers, you've got a direct hotline to your customers pretty much 24/7. Gone are the days of wondering if your customers have seen your latest email campaign or social post. With text messages boasting an eye-watering open rate of 98%, your messages will be seen promptly.

98 percent text message open rate statistic

2. Talk about convenience

Ever tried to have a conversation via email? It’s just not done. Replies get lost, threads get confusing, and sometimes you just can't seem to hit that reply button fast enough. But conversational SMS marketing is like having an instant messenger chat that you don’t have to log into. Quick, responsive, and perfect for those "Oops, forgot to mention..." moments. Imagine applying this responsive, immediate mindset to your customers' product questions and customer service queries.

Man texting on phone with dog in his lap

3. We've got personality, yes we do

And we're not afraid to use it. Conversational SMS Marketing lets your brand's personality shine. Use the language your customers use, add some emojis, and make it feel like they're talking to a friend rather than a faceless company. Trust us, your customers will appreciate the authenticity.

Chido personalized text message campaign phone conversation

4. You've got their attention

Amid the noise of social media and the black hole of email inboxes, SMS shines through like a lighthouse on a foggy night. Text messages sit there, loud and proud, demanding to be noticed regardless of where your customer is. Commuting to work. Laying in bed. Crossing off items on their grocery list. With conversational SMS, you are where they are and you have the potential to grab their attention and start engaging them every single time they open their messages. Talk about, increasing the chances of conversion.

Woman relaxing in bed while texting

5. It's like customer service on steroids

Need to update a customer about their order? Easy. Got a flash sale you want them to know about? Piece of cake. Want to remind them about their appointment? Consider it done. And if they have any questions, they can just text back. Conversational SMS Marketing is like having a customer service, marketing, and sales department all in one portable, pocket-sized place.

So, e-commerce marketers, it's time to embrace the future of customer engagement. Conversational SMS, with its distinct blend of simplicity, engagement, and directness, is carving a significant niche in the customer engagement domain. It’s time to tap into its potential and redefine the way we communicate with our customers.

Fig. 1 VIP text message campaign phone conversation

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