3 SMS strategies to grow your sales


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The way consumers interact with brands has changed. SMS opened the door to two-way conversations, allowing brands to build rapport and foster one-on-one relationships with customers by meeting them where they spend their time. 

But only the brands who use text messaging to power the entire customer journey—from discovery to delivery—will experience the magic of this powerful channel.

Shop via text

Even the most well-crafted messages won’t be very effective if they end with a link to a cart or a product web page. Frankly, nothing makes a customer abandon their cart quicker than a complex checkout with loads of forms to fill.

But imagine letting your customers go from ciao to checkout without having to leave their texts. No more lost passwords, painful checkouts, or fumbling for a credit card before their cart expires—imagine letting customers skip the web entirely and complete purchases directly from their texts. 

At Wizard, we power every step of the sales funnel. Customers can find out about new products, ask questions, complete purchases, and even arrange a refund—all in one conversation. 

Shopping for snacks via text

Targeted testimonials

People may be skeptical of marketing, but reviews are a great way to build trust and strengthen your credibility. According to Bright Local, 85% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. And SMS makes review collection incredibly efficient—gathering feedback via text makes the process of leaving a review a lot easier for your customers.

85% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations

But the real magic lies in the way you use those testimonials. Brands with an archive of user reactions can use our cutting edge AI analytical technology to instantly locate and cite relevant answers—sourced from other customers—to customer questions.

Neither the customer, nor the brand, want to spend time sifting through 17,000 reviews. Using targeted testimonials in SMS, where you have no long-form luxury, has a massively greater impact.
- Scott Meredith, Lead Data Scientist at Wizard

Imagine a coffee brand with a couple of flavor options. You can use testimonial selection technology to instantly ping back authentic real-world answers to feeling-based questions about taste or any other subjective human experience of the products—like sweetness or energy. Plus, human reactions will feel distinct in tone, brevity, and spontaneity compared to a corporately-sourced FAQ base.

Consumers might be hesitant to order the chocolate latte because they haven't tried it before. Pinging a customer review that says, “It tastes just like a lazy Sunday morning should...perfect” might be just what the customer needs to complete their purchase.

The power of the reorder reminder

Turning first-time customers into repeat customers is hard. Unless you make reordering your products effortless. Sending reorder reminder prompts makes it a lot easier for customers to replenish products they rely on—and getting a thoughtful text from a brand they like will add an element of delight.

But unlike most SMS services, we don’t redirect your customers with a link to a product page or cart. Our platform lets your customers do it all in one conversation, so they don’t have to leave their texts to repurchase their favorite products. All it takes is a “yes.”

shopping for energy drinks by text

Brands who utilize the full potential of text messaging have an opportunity to increase sales and customer lifetime value—and those who don’t won’t be able to keep up.

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