How It Works

Join the innovative brands using Wizard, and watch your sales skyrocket

Wizard’s features are designed to optimize commerce and engagement between your brand and your customers.

Easy Integration

A new sales channel that plugs directly into the tools you already use.

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Onboard from Everywhere

Onboard from wherever your customers are: online, in person, and everywhere in between.

instagram feed

Welcome to Super Drink! Would you like to buy our best selling 6-pack for $15? Reply YES to buy now!

Payments Via Text

Drive purchases directly in the SMS thread, eliminating the friction of browsers and checkout.

Two-way Customizable Texts

Build 1:1 human interaction with two-way conversations delivered in your distinct brand voice.

Welcome messages
Order Requests
Order Confirmations
Marketing Campaigns
Customer service

Personalized Marketing

Send hyper-targeted campaigns based on evolving customer behavior and engage to drive conversion.

Beauty Co
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Hi Madison! Based on your last purchase, we think you'll love our Energy Gummies in Lemon flavor, priced at $15. Reply YES to order now!


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Beauty Co
yellow smoothie bottle

Hi Madison, we hope you loved our Probiotics! Save 15% with a monthly subscription and pay only $15 per month. Reply YES to order!


Track Performance

Track performance using comprehensive data and analytics to make campaigns better over time.

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